Life Imitates Art…

The first annual Youth Empowerment car show was a case of inspiration more so than a typical car show where awards are given for flashy this or most expensive that. Because of its location, two blocks from where I grew up this event was special to me. Not only due to it’s proximity but the fact I understand the hardships the children in this area go through. Knowing the struggle first hand any opportunity to inspire and uplift is and will be embraced by me and my team. Not only was the show a huge hit among the local hot rodders with over 50 vehicles on display, the neighborhood showed up in full force. We had many activities such as a coloring contest for the children, burnout contest, constant melodies flowing from the DJ booth, and performances by many of the areas finest. Mother Nature even cooperated and gave us a beautiful day. All was capped off with many of the areas children leaving with a smile and hopefully some inspiration that they to can reach for their dreams and attain their goals. Relive some of the festivities here… Enjoy!

-Brian O.

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